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Our Center conducts interdisciplinary work at the intersection of genomics, epidemiology, and health disparities research, with a specific focus on the diseases prevalent in populations currently underserved in the health care system. Our goal is to analyze this intersection throughout the research trajectory, “from bench to bedside.” Our work focuses on highly prevalent chronic conditions (e.g., cardiovascular disease, cancer, and obesity) for which advances in treatment and prevention would have the greatest potential to improve our nation’s health and reduce health disparities. We conduct transdisciplinary research projects using a variety of methods, including theoretical analyses, qualitative studies, survey research, and health services research. Projects include studies ranging from analyses of genomics research design (e.g., the use of “race” concepts in genomics research and the conceptualization and measurement of the environment in gene-environment research), to the challenges of integrating emerging genomic treatments into clinical practice, to assessing the impact of differential access to genomic treatments on health outcomes and disparities. 


The Center is a joint initiative of Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital/Partners HealthCare, engaging faculty from across the Harvard Community, including:

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